Value to create together

Products, services, and technologies from various partners meet to add convenience to our daily lives.

SeniorGo X SeniorGo I

Now, enjoy SeniorGo comfortably in words.
In the SeniorGo app, users can read and send messages by voice more easily and conveniently, regardless of hand.

Mobility x SeniorGo i

It provides an easier and more convenient driving experience in words.

SeniorGo i voice recognition technology allows you to use various services freely from your eyes and hands while driving, in a natural and interactive way. In addition to advanced vehicle control, directions, SeniorGo, news, games, and other new driving experiences.

Navigation x SeniorGo i

If you need any of the directions, call HeiSeniorGo.

When you call SeniorGo in SeniorGo Navi, you can set a destination safely and conveniently by voice, share your location in real time, listen to music, search for weather, information, and use various services such as SeniorGo Talk.

Smart Accessory

Experience a more convenient riding experience.

SENA Smart Helmet, made more convenient with SeniorGo i, provides safety and enjoyment even in various riding environments.

Partners Together

Making everything in everyday use more convenient, making it easy for anyone to benefit from technology, that is the future SeniorGo i is preparing for. We are waiting for our partners to prepare for tomorrow with SeniorGo i.